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Women’s pod occupies four individuals in second floor suite. Men’s housing consists of two males per room in each of the three rooms on the first floor.


Yes, Pure Recovery provides 24-hour licensed behavioral techs and has linkages with various clinical professionals that are on call 24-hours

Pure Recovery is affiliated with Treatment Resources Utilizing Sustainable Techniques (TRUST) whose team will provide wellness coaching, family services and comprehensive case management.

Four full size bathrooms on the premises.

Yes, Professional cleaning services are provided on a weekly basis.


Pure is responsible for all meals. Congregate monthly food shopping and dietary weekly menus. Menus are created to meet individual needs


Wifi, Onsite washer and dryer, professional cleaning service, Rooftop grill and Barbecue, 80 in. Flat screen TV in all common areas, 40 in. Flat screen TV in every room. 24 hour security surveillance system.


Yes, Pure Recovery has a curfew during weekdays and extended curfew on the weekends. Upon completion of 30 days, overnight passes may be offered on case-by-case evaluation.


Family members identified at admission will have the ability to have designated visitations


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Case managers work directly with clients, family members, doctors, therapists, clinicians, and other outside service providers to keep clients on track and promote long-term recovery. By helping clients create realistic, achievable recovery goals, case managers keep clients accountable while encouraging improved self-confidence, and self-discipline – the two cornerstones of healthy long-term sobriety.
When you’re dealing with an addiction, your support system is very important. You need to have people you can talk to and trust about your issues.
Round-The-Clock Support
We make sure that our client’s are provided with round-the-clock support in every department.
Evidence-Based Treatment
Evidence-based treatment is one that relies on scientific data and medical knowledge to provide support for a specific treatment or procedure.
Family Therapy & Couples Counseling
Family therapy and couples counseling offer the opportunity for individuals and families to receive one-on-one help.
Fitness Center
Recreational activities like a fitness center is important in an individuals lifestyle. Working out can help the individual get their mind off things.
Prepared Meals
When you are able to make healthy choices and enjoy a good meal, you’ll find that you are happier, healthier, and even have more energy than ever before.
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